Sports Umbrella Twente

The Sports Umbrella Twente (SUT) is the umbrella organization for all student sports associations of the University of Twente.

Sports Umbrella Twente (SUT) was founded in 2020 as an umbrella organisation for all student sports associations (SSA’s) at the University of Twente. SUT is a student body, concerned with representing the interests of the SSA’s and allocating sports facilities to the associations. 

SUT has regular meetings with organisational bodies within the university, such as the Student Union and the Sports Centre, where we act as the voice of the SSA’s. Next to that, are in contact with Studentensport Nederland. We also organize activities for the entire sports sector, like the Sports Day or the Sports Gala.

Furthermore, we are managing the Facilities Allocation Model (FAM), which divides the subsidy for the whole sector. SUT also has meetings with the associations about their plans and makes policies for a fair division of facilities.

Student Sports Associations

For more information about the different sports associations check our Associations page.