Subsidy FAQ

If there is something regarding your association’s subsidy, this is the page to be. Below most of the elements regarding subsidy are explained. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, you can mail us at

How much subsidy is allocated to your assocation can be found in the allocated sheets. You can find these sheets in the shared SUT drive, which has been shared with your board email. 

PT-V is short for professional trainer volunteer. In other words this trainer recieves an hourly rate of €5 for their trainings. The amount of hours that they are subsidized for can be found in the sheet of your association. A PT-V also recieves a reimbursement for their preparation time, just like the normal PT’s.This means that the amount of hours that the PT-V has given training, should be multiplied by 1,4.

PT-V’s are only applicable for performance teams and dangerous sports. 

Example: A trainer has given 20 hours of training and/or coaching in total. This should be multiplied by the preparation multiplier of 1,4. The amounf of hours including the preparation time is 20 x 1,4 is 28 hours. The hourly rate is €5, so for this trainer an invoice should be sent for 28 x €5 = €140. 

For more information on how an invoice should be made, please check our page on invoices. 

The minimum amount of members needed to be an association within the FAM is set at 30 members. The amount of members is determined by the second UnionCard check of January. More information on the UnionCard checks will be send to the secretary of your board. 

If an association reaches 40 or less members, the SUT board will schedule a meeting with the association’s board to discuss the future of the association, and assist where necessary.