Every year the university supports students undertaking extracurricular activities by supplying FOBOS grants. In the link below one can find the general FOBOS regulations. After the grants are divided over category 1, 2 ,3 and 4, the leftover grants will go to category 5: Extra & Incidental(E&I). The grants in this category are consequently divided by the SU and the Umbrella’s over the committees and extra board members of associations. The division guidelines can be found in the link Process E&I division.
General FOBOS regulations
Process E&I Division

Division process summary category 5

In short, all committees are divided over 5 categories: MUST, BOARD EXTRA, SHOULD, COULD and NOT. The available grants are distributed over the committees, starting with MUST and ending with NOT. Within categories, the committee with the higher workload is prioritized. Also attached, you will find which type of committees fall into which category (‘FOBOS Category division (2023)’).
FOBOS committee category division 2023
Committees are only able to get FOBOS if:
-The committee spends at least 320 hours per year on committee work.
-All members spend at least 2 hours per week on work for the committee

Year planning

Usually, in the month of April, the SUT will send out a mail with the application form.